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How do I update my Sensi app?

App updates are available through Google Play and Apple App Stores. If you do not have automatic updates enabled on your smart device, check the app store to make sure you have the latest Sensi app in…

How can I tell which type of furnace I have?

Your furnace is Electric if:You do not receive a natural gas bill from a utility company or, You have a propane tankYour furnace is Gas if:You see a black iron pipe running to the furnace or,…

Do I need Wi-Fi to register my Sensi thermostat?

While you do not need a Wi-Fi network to operate the thermostat directly from the wall unit, it must be connected to your home Wi-Fi network for remote access using the Sensi app from your mobile devi…

Can I manage my Sensi thermostat from a PC or Mac?

After you connect Sensi to Wi-Fi using the Sensi Mobile App, you can access and control your thermostat from a PC or Mac by visiting web browsers in…

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