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What is Auto Mode, and how do I use it?

Sensi thermostat has a feature called Auto Mode, which allows the thermostat to switch from Heat to Cool, or Cool to Heat automatically. Auto Mode can only be enabled from the Sensi app.

From the main screen of the app, tap the Mode icon in the lower left corner. All available options will be displayed.

Select “Auto” to allow the thermostat to switch between heating and cooling based on room temperature and the selected heating and cooling set points.

When Auto Mode is selected two set points will appear on the main screen of the Sensi app. The top set point is the cooling temperature. The bottom set point is the heating temperature.

Heating and cooling set points can be changed by tapping the set point you would like to adjust. The set point selected will be highlighted white. Use the “Up” and “Down” arrows to change the highlighted set point.

For example, in Auto Mode, you can select a heating temperature and a cooling temperature such as

  • Cooling 78°F
  • Heating 70°F

With these settings, the heat will come on to maintain a minimum of 70°F if the room temperature drops to the heat setting. Cooling will come on if the room temperature rises to the cool setting of 78°F. If the indoor temperature is between 70°F and 78°F, no heat or cool will run.

Your Sensi thermostat will always maintain a minimum separation of two degrees between the heat and cool set points to prevent heating and cooling from running at the same time. Using this example, if the heating set point is adjusted above 76°F, the cooling set point will also increase to prevent the temperatures from overlapping. Similarly, if adjusting the cooling set point below 68°F, the heating set point will also decrease to prevent the temperatures from overlapping.

Closer heating and cooling settings will maintain tighter temperature control and use more energy. Set points further apart will result in a wider temperature range and use less energy.

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