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What commands can I give my Sensi thermostat using Amazon Alexa?

Once connected, you will be able to verbally change thermostat modes, and set, lower and raise the temperature on your Sensi thermostat. You will also be able to ask Alexa the room temperature, the thermostat’s mode, and the thermostat’s set point. For Alexa to properly carry out your command, you will need to use the name listed in the Alexa app for your thermostat. By default, this is the name you gave your Sensi thermostat in the Sensi App, however, you can update the thermostat name in the Alexa app if you choose.

For instance, in the following examples, let’s say you’ve named your Sensi thermostat “house.”

Here are some examples of commands to give Alexa:

  • “Alexa – set house to 68 degrees”
  • “Alexa – raise (or increase) house by 2 degrees”
  • “Alexa – lower (or decrease) house by 4 degrees”
  • “Alexa – set house to heat”
  • “Alexa – set house to cool”
  • “Alexa – set house to auto”
  • “Alexa – set house to off”
  • “Alexa – what is the temperature in house?”
  • “Alexa – what is house temperature?”
  • “Alexa – what is house set to?”

Auto Mode Note: When using Alexa while your thermostat is in auto mode, Alexa will change your comfort range to one degree above and one degree below your requested temperature. For example, if your current cool set point is 80 degrees and your current heat set point is 60 degrees, you have a 20-degree comfort range with an implied 70-degree midpoint. If you ask Alexa to set your thermostat to 75 degrees, your 20-degree comfort range will change to a three-degree comfort range, and your new cool and heat set points will be 76 degrees and 74 degrees, respectively.

Fahrenheit/Celsius Note: Alexa and your Sensi thermostat can function in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, however both Alexa and your Sensi thermostat should be set up in your preferred format. To change to degrees F/C on your Sensi thermostat, navigate to the Sensi app and click Settings and then Thermostat Display. You can toggle between F/C. To change to degrees F/C on your Echo, navigate to the Alexa app and click Settings. Under Alexa Devices, find and click your Echo. Scroll down and toggle Metric Measurements to On for Celsius or Off for Fahrenheit.

If you want to change the name of your thermostat, you will need to do this in your Sensi app.

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