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Loss of cooling alert

The Loss of Cooling alert indicates that your home’s temperature has risen 5℉ during a call for cooling. Your cooling system is not working effectively to decrease the temperature in your home to your thermostat’s temperature setting.

The cause may be as simple as a door or window that has been left open. If possible, make sure no doors or windows are open.

If that is not the cause, please take action to confirm your cooling equipment is powered. There should be a power switch that looks like a light switch on the side of your indoor equipment. Make sure it is turned “on.”

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Then, check that the door to your indoor equipment is securely closed.

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If cool air is still not flowing from your vents or you cannot find a power switch, go to your breaker box and check the breaker that controls your HVAC equipment. If the HVAC breaker has not tripped, turn it off and then back on to reset it.

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After confirming your cooling equipment is powered, check your vents to see if cool air is flowing and the issue has been resolved.

If your home temperature does not drop after a while, please contact your service professional and/or contact Sensi Technical Support at 888.605.7131 for assistance in troubleshooting the problem.

To see a troubleshooting article on why your cooling might not be turning on, click here.

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