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How do I turn off power to my HVAC?

turn off furnace

First, look for a switch located on or near your furnace. Location of the switch varies, so check the sides, rear or even in the rafters if the switch is not immediately visible. The switch will look like a standard light switch and should be flipped to the “off” position.

If you are unable to reach your furnace or air handler, or if you were unable to find the power switch, go to the main fuse box or circuit breaker and open the panel door. Inside, there will be several circuit breakers that should be labeled with the locations that each breaker feeds. Turn off the breaker for your HVAC equipment. If the breakers are not labeled, you may need to test each breaker to identify the corresponding areas of your home.

In either case, we suggest you verify that power has been turned off before proceeding with installation of your thermostat.

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