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How do I remove my old thermostat base?

To remove your existing thermostat from its base, consult your original thermostat’s user manual. Most thermostats can be removed from their base by gently pulling them away from the wall. You should not pull hard enough to remove the base from the wall. If the cover does not easily detach from the base there may be a screw to remove or a button or latch to release.

Once the thermostat is removed, the thermostat base should remain fixed to the wall, with wires coming from inside the wall and attaching to the terminals. Remember, not all terminals will have a wire attached.

If you cannot see the wires coming from the wall and attaching to the terminals, you likely have an additional plate that must be removed with a screwdriver. Once the additional plate has been removed, you should see the wires coming through the wall and attaching to the terminals.

CAUTION - If you see heavy wires, wire knots or a 120 VAC label – Stop! Unfortunately, the Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat will not work on lines at this voltage. We suggest you re-attach the base and the thermostat and contact a trusted heating and cooling contractor for assistance.

If necessary, this is a good time to do any repairs or painting to the spots on your wall that will not be covered by the Sensi thermostat.

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