Smart Home Party Technology Tips

smart home party

Smart home party tech can help you connect with guests

It’s that time of year again and the month you’ve been dreading. It’s your turn to host the family or neighborhood holiday party. The task at hand seems daunting and the future looks bleak. You’ll be worrying about this party all week. Then what to your wondering eyes should appear but these smart home party gadgets for holiday cheer. The solution to all of your party planning fears is right at your fingertips. Host a smart home party with help from these gadgets that you can use right from your smart phone.

Smart Home Party Tech Tips

First, let’s plan ahead a bit for the barrage of people that are about to flow through your front door. A smart lock can keep you from running back and forth to answer the door or entrusting your spouse to do it. Set up a temporary security code and share with guests ahead of time or simply grant access from your app when they arrive.

Now, you’ll need all of your energy to get through this day and that can only mean one thing – coffee! Worried about oversleeping? Use a smart gadget like a Wi-Fi coffee maker to infuse your home with the enticing aroma of a strong brew. Program it to start at a set time or turn it on from your mobile app from the convenience of bed. After you down your first or second pot, set it up for after dinner service.

Now that you’re caffeinated, it’s time to clean. But you’ve got a smart vacuum so put your little robot friend to work. Put it in auto mode or switch to manual for manual steering around tight corners. When it finishes, it will drive itself to the charging station and send you a message that the job is complete.

With coffee and cleaning checked off your list, it’s time to get cooking. Food prep is a breeze when you have a smart gadget like a Wi-Fi cooking thermometer. This handy device already knows the perfect temperature setting for your ham, turkey, or brisket so you won’t waste time looking up the correct internal temperature. It will even store your cooking history so you can duplicate the tender, juicy entrée again and again. Connect your smart thermometer to the mobile app, set up convenient alerts and timers and stop worrying about when the meat is done and finish setting up the decorations and entertainment.

Speaking of decorations and entertainment, today’s smart home technology has you covered. How about a wireless speaker with a built-in light show? Need an easy after-dinner game to help rouse your guests from their turkey comas? Amazon Echo is the perfect smart home party gadget. Enable Alexa skills to tell jokes and even play games like 21 Questions or Bingo. ( has some fun suggestions. Read more here.)

Now your party is in full swing. Is it hot in here? Just adjust your home temperature with your Sensi W-Fi Programmable Thermostat mobile app to cool it off a bit. (Pro Tip: Use the Keypad Lockout feature to keep pesky guests from meddling with the thermostat.)

Finally the end of the night is drawing near, the last guest has departed and you’re exhausted. Not from the planning or the prep but from actually speaking to, catching up with and enjoying your friends and family. You are grinning from ear to ear, content with the praise and accolades of “next year has a lot to live up to!” and “best party ever!” ringing in your ears.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a comfortable, satisfying night.

Smart Home Gift Ideas for Mom

smart home gift

Discover the perfect smart home gift for her challenging role

Parents are tasked with a variety of challenges but smart home technology can help to both enhance their daily lives and ease some of the heavy burden. Explore the variety of home automation products that speak directly to some of the challenging roles and personas that many moms have to assume and get them the perfect gift this holiday season.

Smart Home Gift Ideas for Mom

The Hall Monitor

A connected security camera, video doorbell or smart lock can help mom to keep an eye on who is roaming her halls. Catch them in the act of leaving doors open (“Were you born in a barn!”), or going into off-limits rooms. (Especially important in this holiday season.) She can also peek in on the family for peace of mind when she has to stay late in the office or has an extended business trip.

The Caregiver

The caregiver role encompasses so much for both moms and dads. Parents are responsible for providing a safe and comfortable environment, nursing kids back to health and even looking in on their own aging parents. A smart home gift can help to to lighten some of this load so they might even be to able to occasionally extend the same level of care to themselves.

Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat is a smart home gift that can help mom to keep her family comfortable at all times. She can set schedules for each day to account for tutoring sessions, sports practices and school holidays. Remote temperature control allows her to easily adjust the thermostat when someone says they are coming home early. It also makes an ideal gift for parents who are caring for their own parents. The Sensi mobile app makes it easy to check in to make sure their heat is on and working in frigid winter temperatures. The added benefit of saving on utility bills can go a long way in lowering some of the financial stress that all parents face.

For the mom who is tired of fast food, a smart kitchen appliances like a Wi-Fi crock pot can adjust cooking times remotely if they are running late. New moms might appreciate a smart bottle holder that can monitor feeding habits, a Wi-Fi thermometer to take baby’s temperature without interrupting their sleep or even smart socks that can monitor infant heart rates.

The Entertainer

A helpful smart home gift like the Amazon Echo can give moms a variety of options to respond to the dreaded, “I’m bored!” cries from youngsters. Alexa can play music, read bedtime stories, play games, tell knock-knock jokes and a host of other things to keep kids entertained. There are even Alexa Skills that help moms in another role they play – The Professor – to encourage kids to practice spelling and learn valuable math skills.

(You can also control your Sensi thermostat…read more about that integration here.)


Smart Home Gifts for Dad

smart home gifts

Smart home gifts to grow dad’s connected castle

Do you know a dad that is interested in starting or growing his connected castle? The connected home category is expanding rapidly which makes it easy to find a thoughtful smart home gift for every type of dad. Explore the variety of home automation products that speak directly to some of the challenging roles and personas that many dads have to assume.

Smart Home Gifts for Every Type of Dad

The Protective Pop

Smart home security cameras with property live feeds, video doorbells and smart locks that send alerts when someone enters and exits make the perfect smart home gift for the watchful dad who wants to keep a close eye on his home and family. Connected carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms can also warn dad to a potential danger at home.

The Frugal Father

The idea of a connected home appeals to many dads but for the frugal father, the reality of the often expensive price of entry does not. Ideal smart home gifts that appeals to this type of dad are ones that A.) didn’t cost you too much to purchase and B.) will actually save him money the more he uses it. Adding a Wi-Fi thermostat to the home is a good first step in maximizing energy savings and increasing HVAC system efficiency. Home energy savings will soon be apparent as he won’t be needlessly cooling or heating the home while on family vacations or away at the endless stream of lessons, practices, games and recitals. The Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat is one of the more affordable Wi-Fi thermostats on the market so frugal fathers won’t freak out.

(Click here to learn about the perks of a modern Wi-Fi thermostat.) 

The Green Guardian

For the “Look at my lawn!” dad, smart home irrigation hubs can help to control water usage by automating watering cycles using weather insight and seasonal trends. Individual plant sensors also make a great connected home gift for the green thumb guardian who needs a little more help with keeping plants alive.

The Dapper Dad

Amazon Echo is the quintessential gift for the dapper dad that likes to show off and look good. When he brags to his friends that he can control his thermostat or home lighting, order online gifts, or even get his daily news with a simple voice command…he just looks cool. As a parent, the opportunity to look cool doesn’t happen often. It’s the smart home gift that will keep on giving.


Smart Home Upgrades to Sell

smart home upgrades

Grab prospective homebuyer attention with smart home upgrades

Smart home upgrades aren’t always top-of-mind to many sellers in today’s real estate market who are looking to invest in home improvement projects that pay off short-term with the best bang for the buck. A fresh coat of paint. New plants for curb appeal. Modern appliances. But the best home improvements for the money might not be these obvious ones. If you are looking to sell your house, you might want to consider adding smart home products. 

81% of people would be more likely to buy a home if smart technology was already installed. *


As smart home technology has become more mainstream, more buyers are not only used to living with these types of gadgets, they have come to expect it. And new smart home upgrades aren’t just appealing to younger buyers. Interest in home automation gadgets is across generations and income levels and has great potential to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. Your house can be a smart house without breaking the bank and with little to no installation prowess.

One of the easiest smart home upgrades is to add a smart thermostat like Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat. Designed to work with the wires you already have, it is compatible with most heating and cooling systems. Easy to install and easily accessible and managed through the intuitive mobile app, it also works with smart home hubs like Wink and Amazon Echo.

Another easy project is to add smart lighting. This can be as simple as screwing in a new Wi-Fi-enabled bulb. Smart locks and smart smoke alarms can give the buyer the impression of heightened safety and security. All of these products can also help you to monitor a vacant home and give your real estate agent even more selling points.

In a recent study, nearly one-third of of 2015 homebuyer respondents plan on adding home automation gadgets to their new homes. But only 1 in 5 of those planning on selling in 2016 intend to add any smart home upgrades. **

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to differentiate your home in this competitive real estate market.


*Coldwell Banker and CNET Smart Home Survey (August 2015)

**2016 Houzz & Home Study

3 Perks of the Modern Wi-Fi Thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostat

Upgrade to a modern Wi-Fi thermostat and ditch the outdated model that is costing you money


Struggling to maintain a comfortable and consistent home temperature? System cycling too fast or too slow. Home thermostat reading doesn’t seem to match the actual room temperature? An outdated model can not only make you uncomfortable, it can cause HVAC inefficiencies that can cost you money.

3 Perks of the Modern Wi-Fi Thermostat



Off-brand digital or older mechanical home thermostats are less precise than modern units. This can cause your HVAC system to cycle too fast or too slow. Not only can this make your home uncomfortable, it can strain your system and your utility bill.

Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat is Energy Aware Qualified® and delivers  precise temperature control with +/- one-degree (F) accuracy.



If you find yourself struggling to read the controls on your old home thermostat, or have a child that just loves to push its buttons, then look for a newer Wi-Fi thermostat model that has more features you need.

A large, easy to read display and Keypad Lockout are two of many features found in the Sensi thermostat.



Ever wake up to a freezing house and wish you didn’t have to trek down a long hall to turn up the thermostat? Turned the thermostat setting up while on vacation to save money and had to return home after a day of traveling to a sweltering house? Dreamed of being able to control a home appliance with only your voice? The correct Wi-Fi thermostat can help with all of these things.

Sensi thermostat has a free mobile app that serves as an intuitive remote control, allowing you to set, change and schedule your home thermostat temperature from your bed, your couch, across the room, or across the country. And since Sensi thermostat now works with both Amazon Echo and Wink, you can simply plug in and pair to the smart home platform of your choice to seamlessly control all of your connected devices. With 7 independent day schedules, you can match your home thermostat settings to your schedule so you’re not needlessly cooling or heating an empty home.  Using a pre-set heating and cooling schedule can help save up to 30% on your energy bill each year.  



When you do replace your home thermostat, remember to dispose of your previous unit properly, especially if is a mercury thermostat. Each state has specific laws and collection programs. You can find more information at


Click here to learn more about Sensi thermostat.













Sensi Thermostat Works with Amazon Echo

works with Amazon Echo

Works with Amazon Echo! Use voice commands to control your Sensi thermostat

“Alexa, set my living room thermostat to 72 degrees.”

Welcome to the future of the connected home

We’re proud to be one of the first Alexa thermostats to work directly with Amazon to give our customers an additional layer of ease to control their home comfort. Learn how your Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat works with Amazon Echo and Alexa, Echo’s mobile app. 

Is there an Echo in here? Who is this Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is the software and mobile app that powers its futuristic Echo cylinder hardware. It essentially acts as a central hub for the new connected home. Voice-activated trigger words and phrases allow users to play music, turn off lighting and Internet-enabled kitchen gadgets and now, control your Sensi thermostat.  While both need to have an internet connection, Alexa and your Sensi thermostat do not have to be on the same Wi-Fi network to enable this control.

What’s in a name?

Before having Amazon Alexa discover your device(s), confirm that you have named your thermostat. It should be something that is easy to remember and discern from your other connected home products. For example, you might have both lighting and your thermostat names set as “bedroom”. Consider using  “bedroom thermostat” instead. It’s a name that Alexa can easily understand and that you can also remember easily. Something else to consider when naming your Amazon thermostat is that Alexa does learn accents and particular voice nuances. But she is not particularly fond of numbers or acronyms. You can use numbers in the name, just spell them out. Alexa will phonetically sound out your device name. If you don’t use a location description and prefer using numbers, use “thermostat one” not “thermostat 1”. Finally, since Alexa uses trigger words to activate devices, stay away from command verbs in your Sensi thermostat name.

(Click here for additional information on naming and commands.)

Discover. Connect. Command.

Now that you’ve named your thermostat, you’re just steps away from connecting to Amazon Echo using the Alexa app.

(Click here for full set up instructions.)

Once Alexa has discovered your device, you can control single or multiple thermostat settings using just your voice. For batch changes, create and name connected home device groups on the Alexa app. For example, you could create a grouping for all home thermostats to adjust the temperature with just one voice command.  In the below examples, the thermostat name or grouping is in bold and the command verb is in italics.

“Alexa, set living room thermostat temperature to 68 degrees” Alexa thermostat

“Alexa, raise first floor thermostat by 2 degrees”

“Alexa, lower home thermostats by 4 degrees”

Alexa Thermostat Schedules and Settings

Are you using schedules in your Sensi app? If so, Alexa will use the room temperature as the base when asked to set, lower, or raise the temperature. She will not use the set point in your schedule. Additionally, using Alexa voice control will issue a temporary temperature setting. This will hold for two hours until reverting to your normal schedule. The temporary time change appears on the Sensi app home screen so you will know when your regular schedule resumes.

(Click here for additional information on Sensi thermostat schedules and Alexa.)



With the help of Sensi thermostat and Alexa, making smart decisions about home comfort and energy use is possible. Not just with the touch of a button, but also with the sound of your voice.

Wink Robots and Your Sensi Thermostat

Wink Robots

Automation tips for even more control of your home comfort

Last summer, we announced that Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat now works with Wink smart home platform so you can control your favorite thermostat along with your lights, locks, garage door, and other Wink-compatible smart home products right from your Wink app. But did you know that Wink has another feature that makes it even easier to automate your home to run on its own?

If you are familiar with the Wink app, you might already be using Wink Robots. Wink Robots are a simple way to program your connected home products to work together automatically based on triggers, such as location or activity.

Here are just a few suggestions on how you can use Wink Robots together with your Sensi thermostat.


Use case #1:                       Receive alerts when it’s too warm in your house 

Name your Wink Robot:      “Comfort Monitor – High”

If this Robot detects:            Sensi thermostat rises above 72 degrees

At:                                         Anytime

Then make this happen:     “Send a Notification” or “Send an Email”


Use case #2:                       Receive alerts when it’s too cold in your house

Name your Wink Robot:      “Comfort Monitor – Low”

If this Robot detects:            Sensi thermostat falls below 66 degrees

At:                                         Anytime

Then make this happen:     “Send a Notification” or “Send an Email”


Use case #3:                       Set home temperature back when you leave the house

Name your Wink Robot:      “Goodbye”

If this Robot detects:            When I leave from [home address]

At:                                         Anytime

For longer than:                   30 minutes

Make this happen:               Set Sensi thermostat to 66 degrees

AND:                                    Turn OFF my Garage Light

AND:                                    Turn OFF All Lights

AND:                                    “Send a Notification” or “Send an Email”


Use case #4:                       Turn up home temperature when you arrive home

Name your Wink Robot:      “Hello”

If this Robot detects:            When I leave from [home address]

At:                                         Anytime

For longer than:                   30 minutes

Make this happen:               Set Sensi thermostat to 70 degrees

AND:                                    Turn ON my Garage Light

AND:                                    Turn ON All Lights

AND:                                    “Send a Notification” or “Send an Email”


Click here for more information on Sensi thermostat and Wink.

Click here for more information on how to create Wink Robots.






The Cost of the Connected Home

connected home cost

Are new home automation products worth the cost and effort?

New consumer research* reports that three in 10 Internet users now own at least one connected home device. Of those, nine in 10 would recommend the technology, and 87% said these types of products made their lives easier. 44% of non-adopters listed price as the biggest impediment to purchasing connected home products.

Despite being ready for a connected home and understanding all of the benefits of home automation, consumers still wish it were less expensive to purchase and implement. But this cost perception is a little short-sighted. So we selected one product in each of the top three connected home categories contributing to the biggest drain on home energy use. Read below to see our cost break down, benefits and return on investment.



Product:  Basic Connected LED Light Bulbsconnected home

Value Proposition:  Remote control of home lighting, easily adjust dimming and automate lighting for your schedule.

Initial Cost per Item: Approximately $15/each (on average for a 60-watt equivalent bulb)

Initial Cost per Household:  The average household uses approximately 47 light bulbs so refitting an entire house would run approximately $705.00. (Standard 60-watt bulbs cost an average of $0.75 cents/bulb for a total household cost of $35.25)

Energy Savings (estimated):  The average household uses approximately 47 light bulbs and the average cost for electricity is 11 cents per kilowatt-hour. Hours used per day varies pretty widely, but for purposes of this example, let’s assume that both of the homes are using 60-watt or equivalent bulbs. And the home using standard bulbs would be in use for 5 hours per day and the home using connected LED bulbs would only be in use for four hours per day.

Total Savings (estimated): Standard 60-watt bulbs typically have a bulb life of 1,000 hours while the LED bulbs can last up to 25,000. That means you’ll be buying new standard bulbs approximately every 6 months, and won’t need new LED bulbs for another 17 years.

Standard Bulbs:  $566.11/year

Connected Bulbs:  $90.58/year

Estimated Annual Savings:  $475.53 (Over 17 years, you could save more than $8,500.)**

**Formula for calculation: kW used X Cost per kWh X Hours Used = Annual Lighting Costs)



connected home Product:  DIY connected home security systems (sensors, motion detector, sirens), and smart door locks

Value Proposition:  Protect property from intruders with remote control of home security. Sensors and detectors alert homeowners to open doors, windows and movement. Can trigger other actions like lights or sirens. Save on costly security system monthly fees.

Initial Cost per Item:  Connected security systems can range from $100-$300 for basic equipment package. Smart door locks run about $200/each.

Initial Cost per Household:  Assuming the average household would need 1 system and 2 locks, total estimated initial cost would be approximately $600.

Annual Savings (estimated):  Traditional home security monitoring companies typically have an equipment fee in addition to a monthly monitoring fee. The average equipment cost is $100 and the average monthly fee is $20***. Over 5 years, the homeowners that chose the DIY connected home security option could save $700.

Additionally, some insurance companies offer homeowners rebates on home-monitoring equipment and, in some cases, discounts on home insurance premiums. The U.S. average for homeowners insurance is $952 per year. A 10% discount for a home security system could save an additional $95/year. Interested homeowners should contact their local insurance agent to confirm specific offers.

Total Savings (estimated): Based on above estimates and assuming a 10% discount on home insurance, a homeowner could potentially save $1,175 over 5 years.

DIY Connected Security:  $600/first year

Traditional Home Security:  $340/first year and $240/following year




Product:  SensiWi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

Value Proposition:  Remote control the climate in your home from anywhere using an intuitive mobile app. Sensi thermostat is loaded with features such as current temperature, local weather information and humidity levels. It also has seven independent day-scheduling options to make it easy and convenient to achieve the perfect level of personal comfort.

Initial Cost per Item:  Some Wi-Fi thermostats can go as high as $250 and that’s just for the device. Many require an engineering degree to install and can require costly service visits. Even others charge monthly fees. (Click here to learn more about choosing a Wi-Fi thermostat. Sensi thermostat is one of the lower priced options, has no monthly fees and includes a free mobile app. Before you purchase, check online to see if you qualify for a rebate from your local utility provider. Some rebates are as high as $100, which nearly pays for the entire thermostat. Assuming an average rebate amount of $25, a new Sensi thermostat would cost approximately $100.

Annual Savings (estimated):  The amount of effort your system takes to heat and cool your home directly impacts your energy usage and your energy bill, so being connected makes it easier to reduce energy costs. Just turning the dial down a few degrees when you aren’t home or when you are sleeping can result in up to a 30% energy savings.  Additionally, Sensi thermostat delivers the most precise temperature control with +/- one-degree (F) accuracy and is one of the few Wi-Fi choices that is Energy Aware Qualified®.

The average annual energy bill for a typical single home is approximately $2,200****. More than half of your home energy use comes from heating and cooling your home. Since energy savings is relative to your scheduling options and geographic location, below are examples of the types of savings you could see based on the above statistics:

10% energy use reduction:                $110/year

20% energy use reduction:                $220/year

30% energy use reduction:                $330/year


Additional Savings:  Just making mild adjustments to your home temperature could pay for the initial purchase price. But Sensi thermostat will also send you alerts if it senses a problem on your property, such high or low home temperatures, high humidity levels, or a loss of heating and cooling. This will help you stay on top of your HVAC equipment maintenance so you can arrange for a service call before the problem gets too big and too costly.


As you can see, there is so much more to consider in a connected home than just the initial equipment price. The value can extend into year-after-year savings, increased security, optimized personal comfort, and peace of mind. What are you waiting for?


*June 2015 study from Coldwell Banker Real Estate and CNET conducted by The Harris Poll

Think You’re Ready for a Connected Home?

smart home quiz

Take this smart home quiz and find out! 

If the idea of a connected, smart home sounds too “techy” for your tastes, or you think these kinds of products probably cost an arm and a leg, think again. The future is now and it’s completely accessible. Plus, there are a lot of hidden perks to automating your home that you might not have thought about before. There are tons of benefits to home automation and Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat is the perfect entry into a connected home.

Are you ready? Take the smart home quiz! 

Connected Home

6 Considerations When Choosing a Wi-Fi Thermostat

thermostat checklist

Use this Wi-Fi thermostat checklist to find your perfect match

You’ve read all the news stories about smart home products. You learned about the benefits to home automation. And you see many of your friends bragging about their connected gadgets. So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge into a connected home. One of the easiest smart home entry-level devices is a Wi-Fi thermostat. But how do you know which one is right for you? Use this simple thermostat checklist to help narrow down the Wi-Fi thermostat selection in order to find your perfect match.


  1. Budget

One of the first things people look at is price. Some Wi-Fi thermostats can go as high as $250 and that’s just for the device. Others charge monthly monitoring fees and not all have a free mobile app. SensiWi-Fi Programmable Thermostat is one of the lower priced options, has no monthly fees and includes a free mobile app (Android or iOs device). Before you purchase, you can also check online to see if you qualify for a rebate from your utility provider. Some rebates are as high as $100, which nearly pays for your entire Sensi thermostat.


  1. Quality

After you’ve narrowed down the field with price, you’ll want assurance that you are purchasing a quality device. Emerson, the company behind Sensi thermostat, has been manufacturing quality thermostats for more than 75 years and delivers the most precise temperature control with +/- one-degree (F) accuracy. Sensi thermostat is also one of the few Wi-Fi thermostat choices that are Energy Aware Qualified®.


  1. System Compatibility

Next, you want to make sure that the thermostat you purchase will work with your thermostat wiring and the type of heating and cooling equipment in your home. One of the most important factors in determining compatibility is whether or not your system has or will require the common, or c-wire. If you aren’t an engineer, or familiar with HVAC systems and how they work, wiring can be intimidating. But, Sensi thermostat is compatible with the majority of combined heating and cooling systems and, in most cases, doesn’t require a c-wire, which makes replacing your old thermostat an easy, DIY process (see next point). Before making your selection, read more about the c-wire here to help you better understand what it is and how it works with your thermostat.

Also, If you already own a home automation system, you’ll want to make sure your new Wi-Fi thermostat is compatible. Sensi thermostat works with Wink smart home platform so you can control it along with your lights, locks, garage door and other Wink-compatible smart home products from your Wink app.


  1. Ease of Install

“Will I be able to install it myself?” is another homeowner concern. Complicated features and wiring demands on some other Wi-Fi thermostats make DIY installation impossible. Which means you are out a costly service fee for a professional install. Sensi thermostat is different. Since it doesn’t typically require a c-wire, you can use your existing thermostat wiring. We’ve also simplified the installation process. Why waste an hour thumbing through a user manual when you can install and connect simply by using your phone? Simply download the free Sensi mobile app and it will guide your through each step of the installation process, from wiring to connectivity. The app includes several helpful features and videos that will ensure your new Sensi thermostat is set up properly. Most homeowners are able to install their new thermostat in 15 minutes or less. You can do it!

You’ll also want to consider the thermostat design. Sensi thermostat was designed to cover the existing thermostat footprint, which means no messy wall patches, repairs or painting. Its traditional look is deliberate and designed to blend in with more home styles and décor so it is your home, not the thermostat, which is the focal point.


  1. Features and Functions

A 2010 study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory revealed that most people who have programmable thermostats don’t actually program them and use the manual settings instead. But says that by “simply turning your thermostat back 10 to 15-degrees for 8 hours, you can save 5-15% a year on your heating bill”. So why aren’t people programming their thermostats? Simple. Because they can’t figure it out.

The Sensi app was designed for you with easy to understand navigation. Using the mobile app, you can create custom temperature schedules for each day of the week (up to seven independent schedules); making it a snap to create one or multiple schedules to match your family’s routine. You can also run heat-only or cool-only schedules.

In addition to the easy scheduling options, Sensi thermostat has several features and settings, including Early Start (ensure your home is at the exact temperature you want at the time you want it), Keypad Lockout, (prevent accidental settings changes) and Temperature Offset (change the temperature display +/- five degrees to match the temperature you are used to from your previous thermostat).

Click here to learn more about Sensi schedules, settings and other advanced features.


  1. Remote Access

It’s not a connected device if you can’t stay connected. Using the free Sensi mobile app, you can change your settings and adjust your Wi-Fi thermostat schedule from across the room or across the country. It’s the perfect tool for the moms and dads too busy herding the family for the annual vacation to think about the thermostat settings. Or for the harried business traveler who is more worried about the big client presentation than home energy efficiency. There’s nothing worse than realizing that you forgot to adjust your thermostat when you are just arriving at the airport or have already driven halfway across the state. If you have a Sensi thermostat, it’s not a problem. Simply whip out your Sensi app and you are back on track to energy efficiency and savings.

And, although most people are connected to their smartphones at all times, we understand that there are those rare occasions when it’s simply not available. Lost phone. Unfortunate pool accident. We’ve all been there. But losing your phone doesn’t mean you lose control of your Sensi thermostat. If for any reason you are unable to access your Sensi mobile app, you can still change your schedules and adjust your thermostat settings from the web interface at


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider before your purchase your first Wi-Fi thermostat. By following this thermostat checklist, you’re well on your way to choosing the perfect match…Sensi thermostat.