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Why you need to change the filter

Why you need to change the filter

Change the filter in your HVAC equipment to improve system efficiency

Spring is in the air and that means higher temperatures are on the way. One of the easiest things you can do to ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready for the increased workload is to change the air filter.

While it may seem like a minor thing, your home air filter is your HVAC system’s first layer of defense to keep larger airborne particles from clogging the fan. Without a clean air filter, dust and dirt can accumulate and block your cold air from circulating. This can result in system inefficiency and higher energy bills. As a result, these air contaminates can also re-circulate in your home which is unhealthy for everyone, but especially those suffering from allergies or other breathing problems. If you have a dirty air conditioning filter that is exposed to condensation, you might also get mold that can lead to serious health issues and an HVAC unit that will likely require replacement or expensive servicing.

How do you know how often to change the filter? This depends on the size of the filter and the type of system you have. In most cases, you should change the filter once a month, or as recommended by the manufacturer, for optimal performance.

Below are some conditions that might warrant more frequent air filter replacement:

  • You run your system for six months or longer
  • Your home accumulates dust easily
  • You have smokers in your household
  • You have pets
  • Someone in your house suffers from respiratory issues or allergies
  • You have a large household
  • You keep your windows open frequently
  • There is construction near your home

Taking care to change your filter regularly is an easy thing you can do to improve system efficiency, avoid costly repairs, and keep your family breathing comfortably.


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