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Prevent accidental changes with Sensi thermostat lock

Prevent accidental changes with Sensi thermostat lock

Greater control over settings with the thermostat lock feature

Do you have a child who loves to play with anything that has buttons? Like the television, the remote control, or your thermostat?

Do you own a business with employees and customers who fiddle with the temperature settings?

Perhaps you’re a property manager or realtor who wants to make sure those visitors can’t tinker with the thermostat. Because you keep the energy costs low when the property is vacant or the house is empty.

Sensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostats give you even greater control of your home, business or property comfort. The new thermostat lock feature - Keypad lockout - provides an easy and convenient way to prevent accidental setting changes. Lock the buttons on the thermostat but maintain full control from your Sensi mobile app.  

What are the benefits of Keypad Lockout?

1.  No lock box
Your home or business will continue looking comfortable and inviting. No cumbersome and unappealing lock box.  

2.  Reduced energy costs
Your Sensi thermostats will keep your schedule instead of fluctuating widely at the whim of your family, employees, or customers.  

3.  Comfortable family, comfortable customers and comfortable you
No one enjoys being freezing cold one minute and stifling hot the next. A thermostat lock lets you safeguard your thermostat and keep everyone comfortable.

4.  Minimize the need for expensive HVAC service calls
With Keypad lockout, you’ll be sure that any heating or cooling loss is not related to someone accidentally changing a setting. Don’t pay for costly service visits. Save these calls for the important system maintenance or emergency.  

5.  No interruption in service
There is absolutely no change to app functionality while you are using the Keypad lockout feature. And, if you lose or turn off your Wi-Fi connection, Sensi thermostat will continue to follow your personal schedule.  

How to get Keypad Lockout on your Sensi thermostats

1. Download the latest Sensi app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

2. Enable Keypad lockout from the Sensi app or web interface.


3. Check for the lock icon.
After enabling Keypad lockout, a lock icon will appear on the thermostat display and the mobile app. To turn off, simply disable it from the Sensi mobile app or on your web account.


Get ready to set it and forget it with the new Keypad lockout feature. Enjoy simple, easy control like never before.

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