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Your Sensi customer service support team: meet Kristina

Your Sensi customer service support team: meet Kristina

Get to know the support team agents behind our world-class customer service 

Calling a customer service hotline is something that most people dread. The experience can seem disingenuous and impersonal. You can wonder if the person on the other end of the line even cares. Fortunately for customers of Sensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostats, a call to the customer service support team is drastically different. Here, our agents are highly valued and proud of their work. Their unique talents and extensive knowledge directly contribute to your experience. Each one is truly a “people person”, a problem-solver and an expert. Above all, they are personally committed to giving you 5-star service.

In this blog series, we’ll introduce you to one of our customer service support agents. Get to know the people you’ll be speaking with, should you ever need our support.

Meet Kristina!

KristinaKristina’s background in education makes her a valuable asset as a Customer Advocate Lead on our Sensi Support Team. This experience has proven invaluable in her daily interactions with customers, helping to teach them about Sensi thermostat, and for her internal role training other team members.

When she’s not helping customers, Kristina enjoys spending time with her husband and energetic toddler son. She especially loves taking outings to some of St. Louis’ many family-friendly attractions like The Magic House®, the critically acclaimed Saint Louis Zoo and the beautiful jewel of the city – Forest Park.

Describe a typical day at work.
“Along with taking customer service support calls, I also work on heating and cooling system-specific cases, develop Sensi thermostat education articles, listen and reply to online product reviews, and collaborate with other team members on how to constantly improve our knowledge and accessibility.”

What do you enjoy most about being part of the Sensi Support Team?
“We escalate some of our more complex customer support cases to a higher tier, like those involving a unique HVAC system application. I love the challenge of handling these because they can be like a puzzle. I really enjoy reviewing feedback, conducting research, and digging into the data to provide a resolution that is realistic for a customer or contractor. It’s really rewarding to pass along what I’ve learned to other support team members, and sometimes, even getting to put new information on our website support page. I like being a part of that!”

What is your favorite thing about Sensi thermostats?
“My favorite thing about Sensi thermostats is the sophisticated, built-in staging-algorithm. A lot of people are accustomed to using an outdoor sensor to determine when their system will use emergency or auxiliary heat sources. Sensi thermostat determines staging based on system performance. This allows for the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency.”

What is one piece of advice that you would give to customers before they call you?
“Use our website! There is a ton of information available, whether you’re doing your research prior to purchasing a Wi-Fi thermostat, or if you’ve had your Sensi thermostat installed for more than a year. Even if you don’t need immediate assistance from our support team, it’s never a bad idea to understand how the thermostat controls your heating and cooling system, or to learn about new features or upgrades. If you still have additional questions or concerns, never hesitate to reach out to our team…we’re here to help!”

Sensi thermostat customers sing Kristina’s praises…

“Awesome help from Kristina. I couldn’t have done it without you!” – Greg

“THANK YOU to Kristina…[she] was very professional and patient with me as she walked me through all the steps to get this wonderful thermostat up and running.” – Dan


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