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Perfect smart home gifts for every type of dad

Perfect smart home gifts for every type of dad

Smart home gifts to grow dad’s connected castle

Do you know a dad that is interested in starting or growing his connected castle? The connected home category is expanding rapidly which makes it easy to find a thoughtful smart home gift for every type of dad. Explore the variety of home automation products that speak directly to some of the challenging roles and personas that many dads have to assume.

Smart Home Gifts for Every Type of Dad

The Protective Pop
Smart home security cameras with property live feeds, video doorbells and smart locks that send alerts when someone enters and exits make the perfect smart home gift for the watchful dad who wants to keep a close eye on his home and family. Connected carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms can also warn dad to a potential danger at home.

The Frugal Father
The idea of a connected home appeals to many dads but for the frugal father, the reality of the often expensive price of entry does not. Ideal smart home gifts that appeal to this type of dad are ones that A.) didn’t cost you too much to purchase and B.) will actually save him money the more he uses it. Adding a Wi-Fi thermostat to the home is a good first step in maximizing energy savings and increasing HVAC system efficiency. Home energy savings will soon be apparent as he won’t be needlessly cooling or heating the home while on family vacations or away at the endless stream of lessons, practices, games and recitals. Frugal fathers will love that you were able to save even more with a utility rebate on his new Sensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostat.

Check to see if there is a Sensi thermostat rebate available from your local utility company. 

The Green Guardian
For the “Look at my lawn!” dad, smart home irrigation hubs can help to control water usage by automating watering cycles using weather insight and seasonal trends. Individual plant sensors also make a great connected home gift for the green thumb guardian who needs a little more help with keeping plants alive.

The Dapper Dad
Amazon Echo is the quintessential gift for the dapper dad that likes to show off and look good. When he brags to his friends that he can control his thermostat or home lighting, order online gifts, or even get his daily news with a simple voice command…he just looks cool. As a parent, the opportunity to look cool doesn’t happen often. It’s the smart home gift that will keep on giving.  


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