A smarter way to control your thermostat.

You never stray far from your smart phone. With the Sensi™ thermostat mobile
app, you can keep in your comfort zone with the simple swipe of a finger.

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The perfect balance of comfort and control

Choose a Sensi™ thermostat and enjoy the best of both worlds - complete control
over your home HVAC system at your fingertips from anywhere in the world.

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A technology upgrade that isn’t a hassle

The Sensi™ thermostat makes installation quick and easy with a step-by-step
tutorial in our mobile app. With a Sensi thermostat, it’s easy to get to the good part.

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Why Sensi?

With 75 years of experience, we know thermostats. But we wanted our Wi-Fi thermostat to be different. Instead of basing it around a wall unit, we built the Sensi thermostat around a smart phone app that gives you control over everything from everywhere.

Ultimate control at your fingertips

Our FREE mobile app's intuitive display gives you complete control of your programmable thermostat from across the room or around the world.

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Choose the install option
that's right for you.

Whether you are looking for an installation by a trusted local HVAC professional, or you'd like to try a DIY install, Sensi thermostat is a great option!

Welcome to the
digital world.

The Sensi thermostat brought together 75 years of quality with 21st century technology, so everyone can enjoy precision control from anywhere.

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Everything you'd expect from
Emerson and more.

The Sensi thermostat works with most HVAC systems and offers custom 7 day scheduling to fit your life. Plus, the FREE app has an on-screen display that puts every function of your Wi-Fi thermostat right at your finger tips.

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