Multiple Thermostat Manager

Multiple Thermostat Manager

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Can I view all my thermostats in one place?

Yes. Sensi Multiple Thermostat Manager allows you to conveniently view and control all registered thermostats.You can choose to review your thermostats in tile or list view. To change your view, sim…

How can I control multiple thermostats at once?

Select the thermostats you want to batch control. To select your desired thermostats, simply select the box in the upper left corner of the thermostat tiles (in tile view) or select the thermostats in…

Can I delete a thermostat group?

Yes. First, confirm you are in tile view. To delete a group, simply click the pencil icon to the right of the group name. Select Delete. Note that this will delete the group, and the thermostats that …

Can I lock thermostats to restrict tampering?

Yes. Sensi thermostats have a lockout feature that allows a user to disable the controls at the thermostat while leaving full control via the Sensi mobile app or Multiple Thermostat Manager.To enabl…

Can I pre-save a schedule and apply it later?

Yes. A schedule can be pre-saved for use at a later time. Once you create a schedule, it will live in your schedule bank on the Schedules page. You can choose not use it or assign it at any time.

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